The history and story behind knives and other cutting tools, I consider to be the most important and interesting of mankind.

One of the oldest and one of the most important professions and tools.

There is no doubt in my mind that the "knife" "axe" and other cutting tools a like, were the most important factor in the evolution of mankind, to where we were able to sustain a consistent way of living and providing for ourself.


My name is Thomas van Lanen.

I'm a Knifemaker from The Netherlands.
located in Boxmeer, North Brabant

I'm passionate about knives and making them by hand.
To me there is nothing more satisfying then creating something from nothing.

Taking raw materials like steel and wood and creating a unique handmade Knife.

All my Knives are made with the greatest care and eye for detail.

take a look at the pictures and examples on my website to see what I make.

Check out my Instagram to see more of what I make and have for sale.

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If you are interested in purchasing a knife, would like to know prices or have any other questions, please send me a email at:

Bezoekt u mijn website omdat u graag gebruik wil maken van mijn slijpservice, neem dan contact op via email en ik zal u de meest recente prijslijst sturen.



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